Daily Sprout

Biofuels Go Bust: “The wave of biodiesel failures,” combined with the inability of Khosla-backed Cello Energy “to produce even a fraction of what it expected have spooked private investors, which could further delay technology breakthroughs and derail the government’s green energy objectives.” — Wall Street Journal

Cali’s eBay Approach to Energy: California utility regulators have proposed a “reverse auction market” feed-in tariff for renewable energy projects in which developers would bid on power purchase agreements. The energy company offering the lowest electricity rate to utilities in a given project would win the contract. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Climate Policy More Popular Than Health Care?: While Obama’s health care has been staggering in the polls lately, his energy policies — including the proposed cap and trade system — have relatively broad support. — TNR’s The Vine

DOE Throws a Bone to Hydrogen: “After trying to cut research funding by hundreds of millions for hydrogen technology (most of which was restored by Congress) the Department of Energy has announced a $1 million prize for a hydrogen technology breakthrough…But plenty of rules, red tape, and a short deadline may shortchange this contest of its best entrants.” — Gas 2.0, Edmunds Green Car Advisor

EnerG2 Eyes Japan: Department of Energy grant winner EnerG2 plans to expand its reach in Japan. The Seattle-based energy storage startup announced plans today to start visiting customers, device manufacturers and scientists in the countyr in order to build “a long-term customer support presence” there. — Press Release


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