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Biofuels Go Bust: “The wave of biodiesel failures,” combined with the inability of Khosla-backed Cello Energy “to produce even a fraction of what it expected have spooked private investors, which could further delay technology breakthroughs and derail the government’s green energy objectives.” — Wall Street Journal

Cali’s eBay Approach to Energy: California utility regulators have proposed a “reverse auction market” feed-in tariff for renewable energy projects in which developers would bid on power purchase agreements. The energy company offering the lowest electricity rate to utilities in a given project would win the contract. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Climate Policy More Popular Than Health Care?: While Obama’s health care has been staggering in the polls lately, his energy policies — including the proposed cap and trade system — have relatively broad support. — TNR’s The Vine

DOE Throws a Bone to Hydrogen: “After trying to cut research funding by hundreds of millions for hydrogen technology (most of which was restored by Congress) the Department of Energy has announced a $1 million prize for a hydrogen technology breakthrough…But plenty of rules, red tape, and a short deadline may shortchange this contest of its best entrants.” — Gas 2.0, Edmunds Green Car Advisor

EnerG2 Eyes Japan: Department of Energy grant winner EnerG2 plans to expand its reach in Japan. The Seattle-based energy storage startup announced plans today to start visiting customers, device manufacturers and scientists in the countyr in order to build “a long-term customer support presence” there. — Press Release

2 Responses to “Daily Sprout”

  1. waltinseattle

    the problem with biofuels is the use of crops instead of byproducts. this is a no win calorically speaking. the quality issue might favor them, but the economics does not.

    Ask any mexican mother who buys tortillas.

  2. I don’t question that many biodiesel producers are in trouble. Mostly because of flawed business models.

    Someone send a reporter to query the drivers in longhaul trucking, sometime. You’ll learn the folks who pay for their own fire all prefer biodiesel over any other flavor. Today’s cleaner diesels all run stronger, smoother, cleaner on biodiesel.

    Even the RV crowd has discovered this.