Apple Warns of Programs Snow Leopard Won’t Play Nice With


snow_leopard_boxIn order to prepare for the arrival of Snow Leopard, and hopefully deflect some frustrated tech support calls, Apple (s aapl) overnight updated oodles of support documents and knowledge base articles. One of said documents could be vital to people looking to upgrade today, as it contains the blacklist of really incompatible software for 10.6.

The list is split into two parts. The first, which features software that will be automatically moved to an “Incompatible Software” folder, contains some familiar faces, like Unsanity’s Application Enhancer 2.0.1 and earlier, versions of which caused a fair amount of BSOD (including one of my own) when users upgraded from Tiger to Leopard. At least your system won’t just seize up and die this time around. Other programs on this list include:

  • Parallels Desktop 2.5 and below
  • AT&T’s Laptop Connect Card (1.0.4, 1.0.5, and 1.10.0)
  • Norton AntiVirus 11.0
  • launch2net 2.13.0 (for some 3G USB dongles)

The second part contains programs that Snow Leopard will prevent from opening, though they will remain in their usual location on your drive. Oddly enough, two of Apple’s own software offerings appear on this list. Here are the most popular offenders:

  • Aperture 2.1.1 and below
  • Keynote 2.0.2 and below
  • Parallels Desktop 3.0
  • EyeTV 3.0.0 to 3.1.0
  • Ratatouille 1.1

I’ve only posted some of the programs on the list, which will probably be updated by Apple as new incompatibilities are discovered. Note that Apple’s not saying these programs will break or prevent a Snow Leopard install, just that they most definitely will not work with 10.6. If I happened to have any of these currently installed on my system, I’d probably do my best to get rid of any trace of them using AppZapper or something similar before upgrading, just in case.



I’m running 10.6.2 and have no issues with Aperture 2x or Keynote.
They both run fine. THe lame weakness of the whole build-in software
suite is time machine. How can a company create an advance OS like Snow Leopard and have it all rely on a booger-eating spas app like time machine
for back up? Luckily they have a migration utility, but still!


After loading Parallels Desktop 5 on my iMac Snow Leopard I found all my printer Facilities had gone and no control over the printer. I suspect other bits have also gone the same way.
Has anyone else had similar problems?.


Most of the apps worked without a problem on my upgrade, except iStats Menu, LittleSnitch, CandyBar, QuickSilver, Growl and a few others that I don’t remember at this moment.

Overall it was the best $30 bucks I have ever spent in a OS!


My mac has a problem every time i boot up all i have is the top bar only w/ spotlight and no dock hope fully snow leopard will fix that problem rather than me having to go to apple care and wait weeks just for an answer.


Weeks for answer through Apple Care?? You must be doing something wrong …


I’ve got parallels on one of my machines and VM on the other. They both suck, but only because of the OS they run. I don’t really have a preference one way or the other… I do wish I didn’t have to upgrade a program that is otherwise fine, though.


This is what I was worried about. the compatibility chart says QS is fine but I wasn’t 100% sure that all the plugins/scripts/tweaks would be 100%.

Gonna wait, but then again, QS is not being developed anymore. Here’s hoping some mac wiz can fix it.

Simple Llama

Oh no my Norton Antivirus won’t work when I upgrade to the new cat? Oh noes! Seriously who uses AV software on their Mac? I’d love to know.

Besides that , I think I’m in the clear, since I don’t use anything real fancy. Good to know that I’ll be all set on 9/1 when the kitty finally arrives.

Devan Koshal

I do, its called iantivirus, its free – macs can get mac viruses not even though its rare its better to be safe than sorry.


I’ve had Snow Leopard installed since noon today. So far, no problems. I had to install rosetta because of my Epson scanner monitor…but the system told me that I needed to do it, and then installed it for me automatically.

My Parallels, VMWare Fusion (with Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux clients), Office 2008 Pro, Adobe Creative Suite CS4 (Photoshop, etc.), Thunderbird, Firefox, iView MediaPro, Canon Digital Photo Professional, Canon ImageBrowser, Canon EOS Utility, X11 (regular & full screen XDMCP to my linux box Ubuntu 9.04 KDE desktop), Cisco VPN Client, Adobe Lightroom 2.4 are all working fine.

There’s an Aperture update that just came out today that I installed.

So far, so good.


Have you looked at the Epson support site? At least for my scanner they delivered an upgrade a while ago which is a Universal binary (the driver that came on the disk was still PPC and needed Rosetta).


Hi there,

i decided not to install rosetta – so i first came in trouble when i found out that the Epson software for my DX5050 needs it… then i saw that the OS X included Epson drivers and tools have all i need (printing, scanning, utilities) and work much better (Epson tools crashed sometimes even on 10.5.x in my case). So now i work without the Epson tools.

My Canon EOS Utility doesnt work anymore – do you have an idea how to fix it?

try it

hey just go to canons website. download the latest update to image viewer. problem solved. and it’s free


My eos utility and camera window were not working (had to force quit them every time… pinwheel of death)

I was on hold with canon and re-installed the latest update for DPP (Digital Photo Professional 3.6.2a Updater for Mac OS X – 08/28/2009)

Everything but DPP began to work fine… when the support tech came on line again he mentioned that everything but DPP should work with SL on the latest updater.

The DPP fixi is in the works with no ETA.


noobidoo: That’s not a solution, that’s a workaround. And it changes the organization of images and naming of folders if you used the EOS Utility to keep stuff sorted by date/etc.


Just tried transferring from the camera side. That works.

Open the EOS Utility with the camera on & plugged in, then navigate on the menu on the camera, rather than using the buttons in EOS Utility.


I wish they would have posted the incompatibility list before!!!!!!!
I upgraded this AM and now I’m crippled without Parallels 3.0. The funny thing is that I also have P 4.0 but the upgrade experience was soooo bad that I kept 3.0.


You should have upgraded to Parallels 4.0 by now. It’s been out for quite some time.

Edmund Heaphy

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In the words of Churchill:

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Upgrading to Apple Snow Leopard – $29.99
Upgrading from Parallels 3.0 to 4.0 – $49.99

Damn it…


Apple apps are broke to force you to pay upgrade… Crafty bastards!

Howie Isaacks

They need to add Kerio Mail Server to this list! I am so pissed at Kerio over this. It’s not like they haven’t had dev. builds all year.


istat REALLY doesnt work either. i think apple screwed them up by releasing snow leopard a few weeks early lol

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