UK Newspapers Want £1 Million From Aggregators; 5p A Link


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The Newspaper Licensing Agency tells paidContent:UK it wants news monitoring companies and “content-scraping” aggregators to give it “circa 10 percent” of their revenues for the privilege. At the NLA’s estimate, aggregators and PR monitors like Moreover and Newsnow make a combined £10 million in annual revenue, meaning £1 million would be distributed back to NLA’s 1,400 member newspapers.

The wish came in an emailed statement from NLA commercial director Andrew Hughes, reacting to criticism from four news aggregators that its new online content licensing regime is an attempt to “tax the internet”. Hughes said the plan is not to charge for hyperlinks per se but to fairly redistribute some of the “the substantial revenues (aggregators) generate to the content owners”; that, he said, is “fair and proportionate”.

The statement reads: “Monitoring companies create their services by copying newspaper content into a database to find relevant articles. This is commercial use of publishers



So how much would one want to pay for content similar
to that in that video, a bunch of financial pundits giving
really great investment advice in 06 / 07? And whose opinions were all too often repeated by the papers:

The amazing thing about financial matters is that afterwards
one has perfect knowledge, not much doubts left.

Dan in LA

Have to say – the aggregators are getting benefit without having to pay for it. There are so many precedents in US law that would make this a no-brainer that I'm amazed it is still unresolved.

Bottomline the news organizations deliver a service and bloggers and aggregators are just putting them out of business.

So… it doesn't make sense legally. It doesn't make sense logistically. Give them their due.

spider jerusalem

rock on. I hope the NLA starts behaving like an effective royalty distributor and ensures that not only publishers, but journalists are fairly paid.


The press release mentions also a tax on car owners for the benefit of the horse carting industry.

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