paidContent Quick Hits: 8.28.09


Credit: AP Images

»  By 2018, the digital paper market will grow more than 20 times its current number, and an estimated 77 million e-readers will be on the street. [LA Times]

»  That means there’s enough room for readers other than Kindle, so should Sony (NYSE: SNE) focus on knocking Amazon’s device out — or just succeeding with its own? [Bloomberg]

»  Is it a bad thing that Oprah Winfrey’s network is losing many of its executives before it even launches, or a rite of passage for a network wanting to get their voice just right? [LA Times]

»  Philly paper publisher Brian Tierney has launched an all-out PR blitz to keep the Inquirer and Daily News in the hands of Philadelphians, rather than investment bankers who will try to snatch them during bankruptcy hearings — but he’s not investing any more of his own money. [Poynter]

»  Social media bots are replacing some journalism jobs by taking the writing out of reporting the news. [Netimperative]

»  The Canadian privacy commissioner has negotiated with Facebook to give users better control of what information is given to third-party developers. [Globe and Mail]

»  Kickstarter is “pioneering its own niche” by creating a virtual funding pipeline between artists and benefactors. [NY Times]

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