James Murdoch In Edinburgh Video & Text: 'Analogue Attitudes In A Digital Age'

James Murdoch Edinburgh

Updated with video excerpts below: Twenty years after his father Rupert Murdoch delivered the MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, chip-off-the-old-block James Murdoch took the stage tonight to lambaste the BBC, decry Ofcom and call for an end to what he calls the “creationist” approach to managing media — the end of “analogue attitudes in a digital age.” The top News Corp (NYSE: NWS). exec for Europe and Asia tossed in “authoritarianism” for good measure, called the UK “the Addams family of world media” and slyly compared the regulatory attitude to bananas. And, of course, a major nod to News Corp.’s new cause — paying for content: “It is essential for the future of independent digital journalism that a fair price can be charged for news to people who value it.” Murdoch’s bottom line: government bad, profit good. (Or, as my colleague Robert Andrews put it, “Commies=bad, capitalism=good.”) We’ve posted the full text and a pdf of the nearly 5,000-word speech. Video and text excerpts below:

— “So talking about a coming digital future, or a digital transformation, is to ignore the evidence that it has already happened. Why do I think we are getting this wrong? Why do I believe we need to change direction as a matter of urgency? It


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