Watch Live TV on Your Android Phone With Spb TV


Spb TV PIPSPB Software, long known for quality Windows Mobile (s msft) apps, has released its live television app for the Android (s goog) platform. Spb TV makes over 100 international TV channels available on Android devices. There is a free version of the app that offers a restricted selection of channels while the full app is $9.95 in the Android Market.

Spb TV has advanced video features such as picture-in-picture for those who simply must watch two programs at once. It offers an integrated TV guide for spotting the programs you simply cannot miss.


* 100+ international live TV channels, in 20+ languages
* Unique TV browser with quick channels preview and list of current & upcoming TV shows
* Integrated full week’s TV guide
* Ability to set Calendar reminders for TV shows of interest
* Fast channel launching and switching technology
* Picture-in-picture mode (quick channel preview while in another channel)
* “Transparent” on-screen controls (sound, brightness) as on a regular TV
* Full support of hardware buttons controls

Spb TV will run on all Android handsets currently in distribution, provided they are running version 1.5 or better of Android. It will stream video over both Wi-Fi and 3G, with bandwidth optimization to get the best experience.



Hi my name is Jesus and I just want to let everyone know about the Sling Link. Dish is offering this app that allows you to have access to your TV and DVR from your 3G mobile devices and high speed internet. Check it out at! I can say from experience this is really cool.


Dude ease up. That’s his opinion and if it sucks then people need to know before paying ten bucks. Do you have anything to say about the app? International channels? What about local?


this app’s suck horrible video play back on my G1, stop every 2 minutes and buffering very often Sprint TV way better

watch tv

Hay really, It sounds so great and that software for 10 $ it’s a good news for mobile users …Thanks for sharing such a useful information..

Amazed at how technology moves at the speed of lght. Thanks for that heads up, we’ll definitely review this app for our website.!

Leslie Anne

I thought so. Seems terribly unfair, not to say unprofitable… but thanks James. BTW I’ve been a fan of your site and podcast for a long time now, many thanks!


Well the whole profit thing is a bit odd anyway as I suspect these guys aren’t licensed to resell or retransmit this programming. Guess they’re small enough to stay off the radar.

Leslie Anne

Is there any way a Canadian can register this? Rogers does not have any paid apps on the Market at this time.

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