iPhones, iPods and Laptop Flash in Patent Trade Complaint

nand_flashNever rains, but it pours, eh? As if Apple (s aapl) doesn’t have enough on its plate with the FCC, the latest patent infringement accusations are in, this time courtesy of BTG International.

BTG claims some of Samsung’s flash chips violate patents it owns on multilevel NAND Flash memory, according to Macworld. While BTG isn’t directly accusing Apple of the infringements, this is a potential headache for the company since so many of its devices employ Samsung’s chips for internal storage.

The MacBook Air, first-generation iPhone 8GB, third-generation iPod shuffle 4GB, and second-generation iPod touch 16GB all use Samsung’s NAND memory. It is not yet known whether Apple would be implicated in a settlement/compensation agreement should the complaint be upheld.

BTG is a “licensing company” that holds the title to many patents. Its parent company, also called BTG International, is “a pharmaceutical company based in London,” reports Macworld. I won’t say this could sound like an example of a “non-practicing entity” if you won’t.

Other brands named in the complaint that use Samsung’s chips include: Dell (s dell), Sony (s sne) Vaio, Lenovo, PNY and Transcend. BTG seems to know the first rule of crafting a lawsuit: Don’t stop naming names until your list of offending companies reads like a Who’s Who of the computing industry.