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In the UK, Yahoo Using Google For Search

Yahoo (s YHOO) is now using Google (s GOOG) search in the UK. Confused? So was I, when I first read this post on Connected Internet. After all, didn’t Yahoo just sign a comprehensive search deal with Microsoft (s MSFT)? Actually Google has replaced Yahoo search on BT Yahoo, an online portal that is managed and maintained by Yahoo for BT Broadband, which commands about 35 percent of the UK high-speed Internet market. Yahoo has been running this portal since 2003.

I wonder what happens to other such contracts that Yahoo has with other ISPs? They are powering Verizon (s VZ) and AT&T (s T) in the U.S. and Rogers in Canada. These ISPs can also switch to Google Search, which can cause problems for Yahoo’s search partner, Microsoft. Connected Internet speculates that since Google gives more revenue per search, phone companies might be willing to listen to the search engine’s offer.

Now I don’t know how much of Yahoo’s search traffic came from these “deals” with ISPs, but I bet it was a healthy part of its search business. And all of it is for grabs. Google has jumped ahead in this race…for now. Let’s hope Microsoft catches up to them!

17 Responses to “In the UK, Yahoo Using Google For Search”

  1. There is search. And then there is GOOGLE! Google keeps getting better and better. Now with Google Docs, you can automatically translate the text to 49 other language, it’s so awesome!

  2. I think small advertisers on adwords like us already feel the pinch of Google’s arrogance. In India for instance they verify a credit card using a payment of 0.01INR(USD 0.0002) which is not accepted by many billers including Citibank India. Un-like the US of A getting a new credit card in India thanks to the braindead Know Your Customer norms can take as much as 2 weeks and then you are still not sure if they are going to accept that 0.01 INR charge for card verification. Any normal company might actually bother to read e-mails at customer support. At Google India its just an annoying AI bot that ‘reads’ the e-mail and puts across you a URL to their equally braindead online help.


  3. merincooper

    this is correct, google has started replacing yahoo., but there is strong wave against google also now… as the time goes by google will be prompted to get more business and the public will slowly move with other providers , incase of saas the same thing happened google first got clients which are with yahoo, but then they later turned to microsoft and other providers