Finally, Facebook 3.0 for the iPhone Is Here


5650_98675398379_6628568379_2126294_254285_a1The Facebook 3.0 iPhone application is finally available for download in the iTunes store. Though the app was submitted to Apple on Aug. 16, its release has been widely anticipated for months by iPhone users (especially Om).

When we took it out for a test drive, we found that it’s made huge strides over the previous version when it comes to replicating what the full Facebook user experience is like. Not only can you view and RSVP to events, but the Like function is now available. Still, we hope the next version will let us create an event and invite friends directly from our iPhones.

But one of the best new features is the ability to send texts and call your Facebook friends directly from the app, a functionality that’s been in the works for awhile. Not only is the address book integration handy, but it brings Facebook closer to mirroring real-world relationships, just as Liz predicted it would more than a year ago.

While iPhone users can now create and upload photos directly to the app, the time it takes to thumb through friends’ photo albums was still a bit long because it took a few seconds for the photos to load each time.

Overall, the less-cluttered user interface makes it easier to quickly navigate around the app. Though it’s still missing some functions, this app is a notable improvement from the previous version. Readers, what do you think of it? Please share your reviews in the comments section.



One small thing for me is on the new version when you are in Facebook Chat talking to someone, there is no profile button in the upper right hand corner that takes you to the persons profile. Small inconvenience but I miss it.

Johnny Dangerously

One thing they took away is the “status updates” only tab. I really do not care who has a farm or did something in mob wars, I just want to see status updates! Wish they did not take it out…I know a few people who will not upgrade for this very reason.

Brock Batsell

Click the “News Feed” button in the top right-hand corner, and you can change what data is displayed. An option for status updates is included.

Dan K.

Clicked on app store a few times and saw the update signal! Whew! Thanks for the advice all the same Jennifer. The new Facebook is great… but I still feel its lacking something else…. anyway, a vast improvement.

Dan K.

I could always upload or take photos directly from the Facebook app! Is this a new post? Also, I didn’t get an update from the app store. And when I go to the Facebook page in the app store, it looks like the same old thing. What gives? is it not available to the unwashed masses like me yet?

Jennifer Martinez

Try deleting the Facebook app from your iPhone, then go to the App store and download it.


Just downloaded it. I like it a lot vs. the old one: it mimics very well the original website. The real problem is that apparently there are some privacy issues unresolved (you post stuff and everyone sees them!) – the developer said they are fixing it in the back-end. After setting up all my privacy settings for friends, work, etc, probably I’ll just wait few days to post stuff from this 3.0 version ;-).
BTW, while searching for this 3.0 release I found (and got) Facebook iGift4u that lets you send virtual gifts to your FB friends. Good complement to the original FB app. Check it out – they also say they are coming w/ a 2.0 release soon

Jennifer Martinez

I’m sure Om will weigh in, but he’s an iPod touch user and has tested out the 3G S.


Facebook 3.0 seems like it’s 6 months behind independent apps. I mean, Boxcar 2.0 is going to be out soon which includes Facebook Push notifications (admittedly you have to pay for the app). Video uploading/viewing? I thought this was meant to be a go in 3.0?

Let’s be honest. GUI should’ve been nailed on from the get go. “Like”, come on, that’s not really an improvement. Ability to call someone from within Facebook? If it isn’t VOIP then it’s hardly newsworthy…we may be treading on Google Voice “rejection” boundaries…but come on guys, take risks.

It does make you wonder why Facebook isn’t pioneering as opposed to following. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but I am a tad disappointed.

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