Best Google Voice Phone is Android, but Palm Pre is a Close Second

gdial-pro_2009-27-08_153144Rafe has a nice article up today at Webware asking which is the best phone for Google Voice. You can probably guess the conclusion — Android handsets — but it’s a shame that Rafe didn’t mention the Palm Pre in his analysis. He covers Google Voice on Android and BlackBerry and shows the mobile web method to use it on an iPhone, but the Pre got no love.

That’s a shame because the gDial Pro homebrew app matches up rather nicely with the native Google Voice app available for Android and BlackBerry devices. I know because I use it every day for my phone calls and my text messaging.

With gDial Pro, I’m easily able to:

  • Make calls or send SMS messages to the contacts on my Palm Pre. The Pre’s Universal Search works within gDial Pro, which is awesome.
  • Add contacts to my Pre from gDial Pro.
  • View the history of calls — made, received and missed — as well as SMS conversations.
  • Set any contact as a starred Favorite for quick dialing — contact photos even appear
  • Show call recipients my Google Voice number on their caller ID.
  • Dial contacts even if they don’t have the leading “1” for the country code. According to Rafe, the native Google Voice app can’t handle that situation with your contacts.

It’s not perfect, but you’d be amazed at how close gDial Pro matches up against Google’s own app. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear this was a native app that Google provided for the Palm Pre. The software integrates perfectly with the Pre’s native contact application, just like the native phone application.

I consider gDial Pro a “must” to install if you have a Palm Pre and a Google Voice number. I like it so much, that I might replace the traditional voice dialer app in my Pre’s menu bar with gDial Pro. The app should have been a “must-see” in Rafe’s post too, but I forgive him. It’s difficult to cover every app for every platform. :)

Are you using gDial Pro on your Pre? What features are your fave and what are you hoping to see in future versions?


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