Google Opens AdSense To Ad Nets For The First Time

Google AdWords

Trying to find a way to bring more ad dollars to its AdSense members amid slowing revenue growth, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is opening up its system to ad networks for the first time. In a letter sent around to members tonight, Google told members they’ll soon be able to allow multiple ad nets access to their pages. The access won’t be open-ended, however, as Google will select the networks that can participate.

In essence, the change will let advertisers from these “Google-certified” ad nets compete with other AdWords’ buyers for members’ ad inventory. A Google rep told paidContent the process of certifying the ad nets will probably take a few months. In an AdWords’ FAQ regarding the announcement, Google explained its criteria for choosing the ads nets, saying they’ll be judged according to its commitment to users’ “privacy, accuracy of measurement, latency, and compliance with our creative policies.” Initially, Google will focus on the ad nets that have been specifically requested by its publishers.

The addition of ad nets to the AdSense mix is considered part of the next generation of Google Ad Exchange, said Joelle Kaufman, VP of marketing for Adify. “It’s an interesting strategy to radically increase the amount of inventory available on the Google Ad Exchange and will likely succeed. Exchanges depend on many buyers and many sellers. With so much inventory, brand advertisers will need media curators to select the content which will best compliment their brand messages. We believe the best curators are subject matter experts. That said, the exchanges are a great opportunity for algorithmic targeting and direct response optimization – both of which work best with large amounts of inventory.”


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