Rumor: Nokia Still Going to Do the Smartbook Thing

nokia_booklet_3g01_lowresHandset maker Nokia has been rumored to be planning an ARM-based smartbook device, but those rumors took a dive when they announced their reportedly pricey Booklet 3G. That netbook will be coming later this year and is a typical Windows-based netbook, albeit of the aluminum variety. The death of the Nokia smartbook may have been premature according to DigiTimes, as they are reporting a smartbook is still in the works.

Nokia is reportedly shopping the smartbook to manufacturers and will sell it in addition to the Booklet 3G. Smartbooks cannot run Windows like the Booklet 3G, and are usually produced with either Android or Windows CE under the hood. An Android smartbook from Nokia would make a lot of sense given their phone roots but I wonder if their alliance with Microsoft would make Windows CE their platform of choice.

(via engadget)


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