Earth2Tech's Top 15 Smart Grid Influencers

Paul De Martini, SCE, Vice President of Advanced Technology:

Influence: De Martini runs Southern California Edison’s (SCE)’s advanced tech division, which includes all of its research and development for smart meter tech, electric vehicle integration, and home energy management products.

SCE plans to roll out over 5 million smart meters between 2009 and 2013 in the southern California region and is asking the DOE for about $60 million in smart grid stimulus funds for projects including a smart grid wireless network and lithium ion battery storage from startup A123Systems. De Martini joined SCE in 2002, and has a long career at utilities including PG&E and Sempra Energy. He’s also a member of the California Energy Commission’s PIER Advisory Board, EPRI’s Smart Grid Advisory Committee, and the Utility Smart Grid Executives working group and co-chair of the Western Electric Industry R&D Collaborative.

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