Earth2Tech's Top 15 Smart Grid Influencers

Troy Batterberry, Product Unit Manager of Energy Management & Home Automation at Microsoft:

Influence: Led the development of Hohm, Microsoft’s home energy management tool, one of Microsoft’s first major forays into the energy industry.

Microsoft surprised a lot of skeptics by launching a home energy management tool — Hohm — that has a slick, comprehensive interface and a version available to consumers now. That puts Hohm into a group of home energy software that doesn’t have to wait for the rollout of smart meters (which will take years). In addition Microsoft plans to use the product as a toehold into an energy management market that could lead to selling software to manage electric vehicle charging and home thermostats during peak electricity events. Batterberry told us in June when Hohm launched that Microsoft won’t be charging utilities or consumers for Hohm but the web giant’s energy team will be paying close attention to what a future business model for energy management software could look like.

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