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Earth2Tech's Top 15 Smart Grid Influencers

George Arnold, National Coordinator for Smart Grid Interoperability at NIST:

Influence: Is heading up the standards making-process for the smart grid.

Imagine a standards-making process that’s 10 times more complex than that of the computing industry, with a deadline for delivering those game-changing decisions in a manner of mere months. That’s what Arnold’s been tasked to lead, and was appointed in April 2009 as the smart grid interoperability coordinator for NIST. NIST is developing a smart grid standards road map and because the smart grid stimulus funds will start rolling out soon, the Obama administration has asked NIST for a speedy effort. It’s probably a bit like herding cats, but NIST has already named the first set of standards and a smart grid report, and is planning to unveil the initial roadmap in September.

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  1. Impressive list! It sounds like George Arnold & all these companies plus many more have their work cut out for them. Wishing everyone all the luck to create a cleaner, smarter and more efficient energy system.
    There are other companies that are working just as hard but not mentioned above. For example,

    Thank you for posting!