Earth2Tech's Top 15 Smart Grid Influencers

Malcolm Unsworth, Itron CEO:

Influence: Unsworth was appointed the CEO of leading smart meter company Itron’s in March 2009, replacing LeRoy Nosbaum who served as CEO for the past 9 years.

President Obama is calling for the rollout of 40 million smart meters in the U.S. and many of those will be supplied by long time meter maker Itron. Smart grid analyst Jesse Berst explained Itron’s place in the market to us earlier this year as “leading in both market and mindshare,” and he said “a utility doesn’t do a large smart meter rollout without talking to Itron.” Before taking the helm of Itron, Unsworth was the company’s president and chief operating officer, joined its board in December 2008, and entered the company in July 2004 when Itron acquired the firm he was helping lead Schulmberger Electricity Metering.

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