Earth2Tech's Top 15 Smart Grid Influencers

Lewis Hay III, FPL Group, CEO and Chairman:

Influence: Lewis Hay III leads FPL Group, an energy company that counts one of the largest U.S. utilities, Florida Light & Power, in its group, as well as clean power producer NextEra Energy Resources.

In April Lewis Hay III went on the Today Show and announced that Florida Light and Power would roll out 1 million smart meters. If that pilot was successful, he pledged, then the rest of FPL’s 4.5 million customers would see smart meters in the coming years. The initial rollout, dubbed Energy Smart Miami, will cost $200 million, and extending the smart meter solution beyond Miami will cost another $500 million. FPL has also teamed up with some of the more cutting edge firms, including Silver Spring Networks and GE for smart meters.

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