Earth2Tech's Top 15 Smart Grid Influencers

Steve Fludder, GE, Vice President, Ecomagination

Influence: Leads GE’s Ecomagination iniative, which sells more than 75 energy efficient and clean power related products.

GE was one of the first of its kind — a massive, often slow-moving conglomerate — to see the opportunity in selling energy efficiency and clean power products (like wind turbines), and launched Ecomagination in 2005. Now 4 years later GE delivered $17 billion in revenues in 2008, and can thank Ecomagination for one of the bright spots during the recent difficult economic times. Steve Fludder, is the exec that in October 2008, took over the helm of this program and he’s aiming to keep top green sellers performing and launch new eco products.

In terms of smart grid, GE is one of the new comers to the smart meter space, but has been winning over some utilities like PG&E because it has some of the most cutting edge technology on the market. GE has also been thinking creatively compared to some firms in the entrenched meter maker market, and has made partnerships with interlopers like Google.

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