Will Motorola Announce a Verizon Android Phone on Sept 10?

Verizon Android phoneThe stars are aligning for the first Google Android (s goog) handset to arrive on the Verizon Wireless (s vz) network soon. Boy Genius Report started it off this weekend with a leaked Verizon handset roadmap showing a “Moto Sholes Google Phone” launching in late October. Today, Engadget and others have invites for a Motorola Android event on September 10th in San Francisco. We’ll actually be in town that very day, but tied up with our Mobilize 09 conference, so no Moto (s mot) for us.

I expect that invited guests will see the Motorola Sholes live and in the flesh, along with details of a late October launch for Verizon. Early rumors pegged October 21st as the launch day. There could be some Morrison sightings as well at the Motorola event.

Might we even hear of a potential Sprint (s s) launch for either of these Android devices? Sprint has already said they were glad they waited for Android to mature, but I can’t see the benefit of waiting any longer. One company that can’t afford to wait is Motorola — they’ve diminshed their Windows Mobile efforts to focus more on Android, so this is their first — and hopefully, not last — big push towards becoming a force in the handset market again.