The Social Web Isn't Just for the Young Anymore

[qi:109] While social web content has been stereotyped as a teen fad, it looks like adults are crashing the young folks’ party. More than four out of five U.S. adults (ages 18 and up) use social media at least once a month, according to a Forrester report released today. It seems visiting social networks, blogs and watching online video has become a part of every family member’s web routine.

U.S. adults are joining social networks in droves. About half of them who go online at least once a month now belong to social networks, according to Forrester. That’s a 46 percent growth rate year over year for adults. Though advertisers have been using Facebook and MySpace (s nws) to reach out to teens, data in the Forrester report suggests that companies should be looking to market to the growing number of adults on the social networks, too.

Many companies have already found success with marketing to adults on Twitter, which is skewed toward an older demographic. What’s more, it’s not just parents hopping online, but grandparents, too — more than one-quarter of U.S. people aged 55 and older, which is a subset of the adult population, use social networks. Adults who don’t use social tools, such as online video and blogs, are in the minority: Only 18 percent of all U.S. adults on the web don’t use social tools, down from 25 percent last year. It looks like adults have gotten with the (social) program. (For more on the social web, see our latest addition to our GigaOM Pro subscription service: NewNet.)