Kutano's Service Adds Twitter to Your Web Surfing

kutanoKutano is publicly releasing in beta today a browser add-on that lets you view tweets related to the web page you’re visiting. The add-on aims to not only connect people on the web but to help Twitter users keep track of the influx of tweets streaming through the micromessaging site’s network (for more on the real-time web, see NewNet on GigaOM Pro) — and in the process, help to give them context. Recent TV offerings have worked to bring more web-like social interaction to TV, while Kutano works to move social interactions beyond blog comments.

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based startup culls tweets that reference a certain web page (e.g. a New York Times article or GigaOM post) and displays them in a box that’s affixed to the right-hand side. In it, users can also discuss other people’s tweets and use the “@” reply and “RT” retweet Twitter functions. Like so many other social networking apps, the success of Kutano will ultimately depend on how many people download it. From a revenue perspective, the company hopes to incorporate an advertising business model in the future.



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