Coming Soon: A Price Hike at Skype


A price hike is coming for some, if not all, Skype customers. The company has quietly made it known on its web site that it will be increasing its connection fees to 7.9 cents from 3.9 cents per call. When a reader alerted us to the move, we were surprised, to say the least. So we asked Skype what’s going on. This was the company’s response:

“The connection fee increase to non-global rate countries do not affect the per-minute charges for Skype calls. We review our pricing on an on-going basis for calls to landlines and mobile phones, and we make any necessary adjustments to reflect market conditions and deliver the best value to Skype users.”

Sure! From what I understand, the phone connection charges pretty much remain stagnant or trend lower, but not higher, so the “market conditions” argument doesn’t quite wash. Anyway, this price increase is a nice way to goose up Skype’s revenue without annoying the majority of its customers, who reside in the “global rate” countries such as the U.S., UK, Sweden, France, Germany, and several other European regions.

Non-global rate countries include places like India, which makes me wonder — perhaps it is time for me to use 3jam to make calls to mom on the weekend.