Google Expands Ad Revenue Sharing On YouTube

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A year-and-a-half after first giving select users a cut of the revenue generated by ads that run near their clips, YouTube is greatly expanding the program. In its current setup, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) shares revenue mostly with users who regularly post videos on the site that reach big audiences (Users typically have to apply to be included in what YouTube calls its Partner Program). But the company now says that depending on a specific video’s views and virality, it will proactively reach out to users and ask them whether they want to enable revenue sharing.

No details on what specific percentage of revenue Google will share. In a post on the YouTube Biz blog, Product Manager Shenaz Zack says the company has “occasionally” enabled revenue sharing with individual clips, which have earned those users “thousands of dollars a month as their videos went viral and endured over time.” A spokesman tells us the user gets the “majority of the revenue.”

In any case, Google, which is trying to boost the amount of revenue YouTube generates, should be able to more than offset any outlay since it will now be able to add ads where there are currently often none.

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Why the F–K does Google limit this to US residents?

If Google wants to limit advertising to some countries, what the F–K does it have to do with where the content maker is from? Why can't they then just decide to ONLY MONETIZE viewers from these countries that can be monetized.

All Youtube content uploaders SHOULD BE ABLE to Activate monetization today. ALL of them!!! Worldwide, just like Adsense.

This Youtube Partner Program makes no sense.

Google is LOOSING billions of dollars. Content makers are LOOSING billions of dollars.

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