Snow Leopard Ships on August 28

snow-leopard-macI haven’t pre-ordered my Snow Leopard update from Apple just yet and it looks like I’m almost out of time. Last I heard, the next Mac OS X version was due out in September, but I just received a press release telling me otherwise. According to Cupertino, Snow Leopard is shipping this Friday, August 28.

The upgrade for Leopard users will cost $29 for a single license or $49 for a single household, five-user Family Pack. Tiger users aren’t left out in the cold, either. Folks running Tiger on Intel-based Macs can upgrade using the Mac Box Set for $169. That includes Snow Leopard, iLife 09 and iWork 09, which is a pretty good deal.

Although we’re no longer users of Microsoft Exchange here, people who do use it will appreciate the native Exchange support found in the updated Mail, Address Book and iCal apps. Snow Leopard also offers system applications reworked to take advantage of 64-bit processing — Finder, Mail, iCal, iChat and Safari are all revamped under the hood.

For me, this is a no-brainer upgrade. The software cost is relatively minimal as compared to the hardware and the operating system should allow for my MacBook to run more efficiently. I’m curious — are there any owners of Intel-based Macs not planning to spring for the upgrade?


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