RIM Acquires Torch Mobile — WebKit Browser for BlackBerry Likely

irisbrowserI’ve stated before that mobile browsers based on WebKits own the mobile web. Research In Motion (s rimm) understands that, too, and has apparently decided that developing a WebKit browser for the BlackBerry from scratch was too big a task. That is likely the reasoning for its acquisition of Torch Mobile, the company behind the Iris browser. Torch has indicated it will be bringing its WebKit experience to the BlackBerry platform with RIM.

There are no details about terms of the deal between Torch Mobile and RIM. No word on timing has been given for a collaboration on a new browser for BlackBerry devices, either. RIM doesn’t tend to sit idle; I expect it will get right to work on making a sweet, new browser for the BlackBerry. The Iris browser, currently available on the Qtopia and Windows Mobile (s msft) platforms, will likely go away. In fact, a quick check shows that all download links to get Iris have been removed from the Torch Mobile web site. That didn’t take long.

(via electronista)