Official Palm Pre App List Growing — Word Ace Rocks!

wordace-palm-preAfter I pointed out the Palm Pre Homebrew software catalog, James has been downloading apps left and right. I’ll admit that I have too — some of my current faves include the recently updated PrePod for podcatching, PreJeweled, XBox Live Friends and FriendsFlow, which is gearing up as a Facebook client. But there’s suddenly some life in the official Palm Pre App Catalog too!

For the longest time, we were stuck at 32 apps. Sometime between last week and now, I see 41 official titles. Just a few of the newest software apps include:

  • SpeedBrain —  a brain training game
  • Word Ace — my brand new favorite that combines Texas Hold ‘Em with word creation (more on that in a sec).
  • Bubbles — a Bubble Breaker game for the Pre
  • Mileage Monitor — a gas mileage tracker for your vehicle

I’m having more fun with my Pre than ever before between these new apps and the current 154 unofficial titles. Word Ace already has my attention because it’s innovative and you can play it with other people. All cards have a letter on them, and each letter has a different point value, similar to Scrabble. You play the game just like Texas Hold ‘Em — hole cards, flop and river all come into play. Players bet in each round and ultimately hope to form the highest value word from their cards. You receive bonus points by forming words with more than four letters.

You’ll need to play with other Palm Pre (s palm) owners, but each time I’ve played, I’ve seen a full table, so I don’t see lack of Pre ownership to be an issue. All in all, this game shows off some of the best attributes of the Pre — the touchscreen, the keyboard, camera (for personalized avatars) and wireless connectivity. You can text chat with the players and the game offers statistics to keep track of your play and various achievements in the vein of Xbox Live.