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Introducing NewNet

Here at GigaOM Pro, we’ve designed our offering around topic areas. Whether you’re interested in the world of mobile, consumer technologies, green IT or cloud computing, we’ve got you covered with in-depth research reports from our analysts and daily insight from our own editors and curators.

But from the start, we knew these four were only the beginning, and it didn’t take long to figure out what our newest topic would be.  Anyone who’s followed the daily discussion here at GigaOM Pro and across the GigaOM Network knows one of the biggest underlying shifts, along the entire technology spectrum, is the adoption of social and real-time technologies. No matter what your industry, chances are you’ve witnessed how social and real-time technologies have changed the way people communicate and share information.

So its with great excitement we introduce our fifth research focus, NewNet. As noted in today’s press release, NewNet will give its subscribers the additional context around real-time and social web they are looking for. Some of the topics that will appear in coming months from GigaOM Pro/NewNet include analysis of social media monetization, the impact of real-time technologies on the enterprise, and much more.

Providing context to the daily flow of information over at NewNet is our newest curator, Ed Gubbins. Gubbins is a veteran journalist who has covered the telecommunications industry for a decade at a variety of posts, most recently as editor for Telephony magazine. In addition to providing our subscribers and visitors to our topic page with daily understanding of the world of social and real-time web, Gubbins will also write the periodic report, and his first is an analysis of Google Wave.

So jump on over to NewNet and take a look.