Get to Grips With Google Wave

Just as we thought that Twitter might be crowned as the champion of the real-time web, Google announced its innovative Wave project, which looks like it could be a game-changer — especially for those of us working remotely. If you’d like to get the lowdown on Wave and what it might mean for all of us, check out the new report, “Understanding Google Wave: An Experiment in Real-Time Web Use” over on GigaOM Pro, our subscription-based research service. It’s a detailed look at the the current real-time web, what Google Wave is and how it works, and how we might use it in the future to communicate, collaborate and, importantly, archive our work.

The real-time web, social networking and the way we consume and create information on the Internet will be covered in-depth on a new topic on GigaOM Pro, NewNet, which Om introduces here.


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