Discovery Channel: Now Showing on the iPhone


discoverylogoWhile not necessarily late to the game of providing their own native iPhone app, the Discovery Channel (iTunes link) is behind networks like Bravo and HGTV, and like the rest, its definitely still trying to find its footing in a market where traditional media often struggles.

Similar to other network apps, the Discovery Channel app allows users to browse select shows from the network and play clips directly on their iPhone. Note that these are merely clips and not actual episodes. Whether this is due to bandwidth concerns or content restrictions is unknown, but Discovery is certainly not the first company to do this.

Users can take their viewing experience to the next level by interacting through quizzes on topics and shows, learning more about show cast and other info, and see a schedule of TV air times. Other interactive aspects of the app include the ability to watch the “most viewed clips” or jump directly to the iTunes Store to buy your favorite episodes.

Currently, the shows featured inside the app only amount to a little less than half of the entire Discovery lineup, but the future potential for this app is limitless. Discovery Communications, the parent company of The Discovery Channel, has a diverse collection of other properties, and I would expect to see apps for their other networks, like Animal Planet, The Science Channel, TLC or Planet Green.

If you’ve had a chance to try out the Discovery Channel app, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



It doesn’t show up on a search of the Canadian App Store, so I’m guessing it’s not available here.

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