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New Life for Cadillac Converj?: General Motors’ plans for the Cadillac Converj, a concept for a luxury vehicle using the Voltec drive system deployed in the Chevy Volt, were shelved when some members of top management and the federal auto task force questioned the economics of such an expensive model. Now Bob Lutz might take it off the chopping block. —  BusinessWeek

Sneak Peek at Cali’s Energy Economics: The black box of California utilities’ big solar contracts cracked open a bit last week when the state’s Public Utilities Commission approved two 25-year power purchase agreements between PG&E and BrightSource Energy. —  NYT’s Green Inc.

Matthew Nordan Joins Venrock: Lux Research co-founder and former president Matthew Nordan has joined venture capital firm Venrock as a vice president to focus on investments in energy, environmental and materials technologies. — Press Release

Alternative Energy Myths: Matthew Grunwald sets out to debunk what he calls seven myths about alternative energy, including the idea that “we need a technological revolution to save the world.” — Foreign Policy

Green Mortgages: “A number of lenders and government agencies are offering mortgage deals to people who borrow money to make their homes more efficient, or who buy homes that already meet high efficiency standards.” — Wall Street Journal