Counting Down to Mac OS X Snow Leopard


Looks like the much talked about Mac OS X, version 10.6, code-named Snow Leopard, will make its debut Friday, Aug. 28. It is a faster, smaller and supposedly smarter OS. OK, not smarter, but it looks like a worthy upgrade. Snow Leopard is half the size of the previous version and frees up to 7GB of drive space once installed.

Most of the changes in the new version of the operating system are under the hood. Our colleagues at TheAppleBlog have put together a series of posts that explain in-depth some of the key OS features including: Grand Central Dispatch, Exchange and Quicktime X. They also have prepared a handy guide that details how to upgrade to Snow Leopard.

Being a Mac user, I can’t wait for Friday to show up! Are you planning to spend $29 for the upgrade?



I started using Mac in November of 2008. This is going to be my first Mac OS upgrade. I am very excited.

Jack Hanington

I took advantage of this as well. $10 not bad at all. =D


Yes, I’m definitely going to upgrade. If it were any more expensive, no thanks! Good business model for the OS. $29 seems like a good deal.


Yea, I just ordered mine too. Will spend few hours over the next weekend to check it out…


Ordered one for my computer, and will order a second at the up-to-date pricing for my wife’s new Macbook pro 13″ cheaper than the $49 family pack for our two intel machines.


Well, I just ordered mine, for $ 29, I think this is a good update.

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