Amazon's Camcorder Love Could Be ISPs' New Nightmare (s amzn) is pushing small, inexpensive digital camcorders like the Flip and Kodak’s new Zi8, naming them “shoot-and-share” and introducing a whole category focused on the devices. Earlier today, Amazon sent me an email touting the cams because I had “shopped for camcorders” on the site previously. The move is especially important because Amazon is a massive retailer, and if the company pushes these devices significantly across the site, it could lead to even broader adoption of them by consumers — and an even greater demand for upstream bandwidth as people look to upload more videos. Earlier this year, networking giant Cisco (s csco) decided the shoot-and-share category was pretty important when it paid $590 million for Pure Digital, the maker of the Flip camera, the most popular product line in its class.

However, the “share” aspect of the cameras is concerning. As Stacey questioned in a report on GigaOM Pro (subscription required), how are home broadband connections going to handle the onslaught of uploaded video to sharing and social-networking sites?