Coworking News: Hacker Dojo Opens Its Doors


hackerdojo_logoHacker Dojo, a new coworking venture located in Mountain View, Calif., opened for business yesterday. Its location is good news for web workers from the Bay Area looking for a co-working space who aren’t based in San Francisco. Inspired by the monthly DevHouse “hackathon” events, the space is intended to be a venue for hackers, tinkerers and creative people — despite the name, you don’t need to be a programmer to become a member. Hacker Dojo is primarily intended to be a creative community space (a place to hold events, workshops, BarCamps, etc.), with coworking as an additional feature.

While some co-working ventures have found times quite tough recently (CubeSpace in Portland, Ore., being forced to close, for example), Hacker Dojo already has a long membership list. Membership fees are just $100 per month, so that list should grow rapidly.

If you’ve found a great co-working spot recently, let us know in the comments.



Gotta say, I love this place. I found out about this place through a tech related meetup. It’s the perfect place to work and you won’t feel guilty for hogging a seat at the coffee shop!

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