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Amazon Cuts Affiliate Video Widget

It looks like Amazon (s AMZN) is discontinuing the “Your Video Widget” option from its Associates program. As we wrote last year, Amazon’s Video Widget allowed users to upload video to Amazon and place product ads of their choosing overlaid on top of the video.

Think of it like an AmazonTube where users could upload and embed videos and earn affiliate revenues. We’d point to one, but we’ve yet to come across an example in the wild. Guess we know why Amazon is dumping it.


Here’s the email that was sent out to members of its Associates program this morning explaining the change (thanks to Dave Zatz for the tip!):

Dear Amazon Associate:

Thank you for your participation in the Amazon Associates Program and displaying the Your Video Widget on your site. We want to inform you of upcoming changes to this widget. On August 31, 2009, this widget will be removed from Associates Central and as a result, you will no longer be able to create new Your Video Widgets or edit existing ones.

Please be assured that any Your Video Widgets that are displayed on your site on August 31, 2009, will not be affected by this change. They will continue to operate (though you will no longer be able to edit them), and you will continue to earn referral fees from qualifying purchases made in connection with that widget.

We’ve sent Amazon an email asking why they’ve cut the program and if anything to replace it is in the works. Will update as we learn more.

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