Weekly App Store Picks: Aug. 22, 2009


app-store-picks-imageAs we wave goodbye to the week that was, it’s time to take a look at the latest iPhone recommendations from the App Store.

This week I’ve been looking at Comics, Coat Hangr, Coins and Album Shuffle.

app_comicsComics ($0.99)
It was released back in June and yet, due to the deluge of apps I deal with on a daily basis, I never quite got to spend time getting into Comixology’s Comics app. Having been hit with a sudden hankering to read some good comics, coinciding with a friend’s recommendation of The Walking Dead series, I decided to spend some quality time with Comics. The app is 99 cents and includes a growing stack of free comics – usually first issues – plus, and here’s the really special thing, you can purchase and download new issues from within the app. The content is utterly fantastic and the interface incredibly accomplished. In fact, it’s easily the best I’ve seen for comic reading on the iPhone. This is absolutely essential for anybody into comic books. Also, if you’re looking to dip your toe in before committing, you can also pick up issue one of The Walking Dead for free as a dedicated app.

app_coathangrCoat Hangr (free)
Hunting for vintage apparel is one of my favorite pastimes. I regularly visit a multitude of flea markets, on a constant mission to construct the perfect understated retro chic outfit: not too hipster, not too trashy, just right. And yet, once I’ve purchased some new threads, short of wearing them on my wanderings, they’re hidden in the closet. That’s where Coat Hangr comes in, a social fashion app that allows you to share your style with other fashion conscious folk. Opening the app, you’re able to take photos of your new apparel and post your pics to their network. It’s still early days for the site, which itself doesn’t look so hot and is in desperate need of a re-skin, but the app is good fun and certainly a compelling way of constructing a virtual clothing closet.

app_coinsCoins ($0.99)
It seems that when it comes to pachinko games, I suffer from the entirely unexpected, but apparently quite natural compulsion to waste hours of time playing for very little actual reward. Pachinko is so irrational — it’s chance-based, play is mechanical, there’s no skill — and yet the experience is just so very moreish. On iPhone, I devoured both Peggle and Rockchinko in days. As such, for a month or so, there’s been a pachinko-shaped hole in my gaming schedule, waiting to be filled with just the right app. Coins is that app, constructed pixel-by-pixel it combines 8-bit artwork with deliciously back-to-basics pachinko gameplay. This is something for everyone, perfect for wasting moments that unwittingly extend into hours.

album_shuffleAlbum Shuffle (free)
A friend of mine from England came to visit me in Helsinki a few weeks back, bringing along with him an iPod classic. We spent some time comparing his classic to my iPhone, discussing the different interfaces and options available. Expecting the iPhone to be the feature-rich option, I was surprised to discover that the device is actually lacking in one playback option that the iPod classic touts: album shuffle. The album shuffle feature seems so obvious – rather than shuffle track-by-track, you’re able to shuffle album by album. In essence, the iPod classic can play a given album in its entirety before randomly selecting the next one. Filling this feature-gap on the iPhone is Album Shuffle. The app allows you to browse through albums in a novel way, as if sifting through records, and physically shake the iPhone in order to pick an album. It’s a one-trick pony to be sure, but nevertheless an occasionally useful pony to have around.

That’s all the picks for this week. I’ll be back in seven days with more picks from the App Store.

In the meantime, what apps have you been using this week?



I work for macworld and we did a feature on the trash man. He is a really nice guy. People like him because he is level headed and down to earth.


Just had a quick look at problem halved. Gonna download it. This guy is an inspiration to us all. Have been flowing him on Twitter.


He best new app I hav seen is problem halved. It’s a bit like yahoo answers for the iPhone.

A guy from England who works as a trash collector designed it. He has been all accross the worlds media. Ses like a very genuine guy and hope he does well for himself.

His website is robshoesmith.com

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