Why Are Startup Employees Aching to Cash Out?

[qi:115] Instead of holding out for an IPO or acquisition, these days, employees who have spent years at burgeoning startups are eager to sell their stock holdings in exchange for cash, an article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out today. Case in point: Current and former Facebook employees were recently offered the chance to sell up to 25 percent of their vested shares — but the glut of employees looking to cash out was so high that not everyone who wanted to sell was able to.

Facebook employees aren’t the only ones eager for a payday; Stacey wrote last fall about other venture firms offering employees at their portfolio companies a chance to cash out. Perhaps the drought in IPO and M&A activity makes payday look even further out, or maybe employees that were once content to wait for their millions need money now because the economy has tanked. Readers, what do you think? Take our poll below the fold.

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