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Where Did I Hear That Song? Ask ScreenTunes

You know that scene in practically every movie when Bobby Darin’s version of Beyond the Sea comes on? Well, there are at least 20 of them (including TV episodes, too), a bit of trivia I was able to quantify this morning using a cool mashup called ScreenTunes.

screentunes1ScreenTunes allows users to search soundtracks by song title, lyrics or movie title. The results list offers up the option to listen to the song (though this was buggy for me), buy it on iTunes or Amazon, or pivot to the rest of the movie or TV show soundtrack. Creator Cecchi MacNaughton says he sources IMDB soundtrack data and LyricsFly’s API and will be adding search by artist soon (today you can use the syntax “Stronger {Artist: Kanye West}”). What would be really cool is if the site could pinpoint and play the song within a snippet of the movie, but that might be a little tougher.

screentunesMacNaughton, a high school senior based near Boston, said he made the site as a present for a friend who could never remember where she’d heard a song. Since launching earlier this summer, he’s made “a whopping $14 from the advertisements,” and hopes that iTunes and Amazon affiliate fees will kick in.

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  1. Thanks for featuring the site :)

    The movie clip idea is definitely something I’ll look into… got some ideas running around my brain for how I’d manage that and I agree that if it was done correctly it’d be an amazing feature.