StatShot: Now Calling, 4 Billion GSM Connections

[qi:gigaom_icon_mobile] Wow…talk about a transformative and disruptive technology that has changed the way we live on a global scale. According to trade group 3G Americas, there will soon be 4 billion GSM mobile connections around the planet. We are a stone’s throw away from that milestone. Even in the Americas region, where CDMA has a big presence, there are 561 million GSM connections. There were 377 million 3G subscribers that used the UMTS-HSPA technologies as of the end of the second quarter. GSM has economies of scale working for it; that’s why it’s gaining traction in fast-growing teleconomies such as Brazil, India, Russia and Africa. As of the end of June, there were 4.3 billion mobile users around the planet. Some interesting charts courtesy of 3G Americas are below the fold, so be sure to check them out.




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