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FanFeedr Aims to Hit a Home Run With Comments

-17FanFeedr, a real-time, personalized online sport feed, plans to release a feature this weekend that lets people comment on status updates and user activity posted on its home page. Sports fans visit an average of 4-6 web sites in order to find the news and information they’re looking for, according to CEO and founder Ty Ahmad-Taylor. With that in mind, FanFeedr, which quietly launched in beta in June, aims to be a one-stop online destination for sports fans by aggregating news, photos, videos, tweets and scores for a variety of professional sports leagues and college teams they choose to follow.

The new comment feature is intended to encourage virtual cheering and friendly banter among users about the latest happenings in the sports world. The timing of the feature’s release couldn’t be more perfect as the NFL season is about to start and the MLB World Series is coming up in October, but its success will ultimately depend on whether the young site can increase its traffic.

FanFeedr already incorporates a host of social features, including allowing users to sign up via Facebook Connect and publish status updates uploaded on the site to Facebook and Twitter. Becoming a fan of any of the roughly 55,000 athletes, 4,000 professional teams and 1,700 college teams listed on the site will let a user receive real-time news about those players and teams whenever they visit it. Similar to Twitter’s trending topics, FanFeedr also posts to its home page the most popular sports news stories, photos and videos.

Fanfeedr has a free iPhone application available in the iTunes (s appl) store and its API is open to anyone who wants to build an application with it. Ahmad-Taylor, the former head of product development for MTV Networks, said the bootstrapped company will seek funding in the fall.


6 Responses to “FanFeedr Aims to Hit a Home Run With Comments”

  1. Checked the site. Nice concept, but it looks kinda confusing. I mean, the interface. When I visited it first, didn’t know where to begin. Then, ok, I logged in via Facebook., and searched for Nadal. I get a whole bunch of links about Nadal It looks like a Google search on Nadal.

    Fine, I became his fan. What next?

      • Anand,

        Thank you for trying out the site. The FanFeed (which is the home page, once you have logged in), updates in real time, so you will get a continuous stream of Nadal news . . .

        1. Whenever you come to the site
        2. Using your iPhone application
        3. Via RSS
        4. Eventually on Twitter and Facebook, integrated with your activity streams there
        We are adding Cricket in the Fall, we just have to model the sport properly.

        Thanks again, Ty