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Music Startup Slacker CEO Dennis Mudd Out; $70 Million and Counting

Slacker, the heavily funded online music startup founded by former MusicMatch CEO Dennis Mudd, has disposed off of, well, Mudd, reports VentureWire. This comes as the music startup scene remains murky. The company, launched in 2006, has raised a whopping $70 million in funding, mainly to build a portable wireless music player (which explains the high amount), but has of late been focusing on its mobile player for iPhone and other smartphones. It is often compared to Pandora, which is purely and online/mobile play. Its investors include Centennial Ventures, Rho Ventures, Austin Ventures, Mission Ventures and Sevin Rosen Funds.

Mudd will remain on the board and actively involved, the story quotes an unnamed investor.

2 Responses to “Music Startup Slacker CEO Dennis Mudd Out; $70 Million and Counting”

  1. jenkins

    So, let me read the tea leaves. Mudd got lucky when bought by Yahoo. Mudd isn't a good operator so he got fired. He is really NOT going to stay very involved in the company because, if that were true, they'd keep him as CEO.