More on News Corp's Charging-For-News Consortium Obsession

News Corp (NYSE: NWS) has hinted at it in bits and pieces over the last six months, but now Dawn’s reporting in LAT that he has been meeting with various media companies, in an effort to “develop a forming a consortium that would charge for news distributed online and on portable devices.” This effort, in which Miller has met with publishers including New York Times (NYSE: NYT), Washington Post (NYSE: WPO), Hearst and LAT’s own parent company Tribune, is a broader one, the story says. As a part of this effort Jon was leading a feasibility study of a separate portable device for the company, a plan later patted down by Murdoch. The company has already announced a plan to charge for all or some parts of its news properties.

So the age old idea of banding together to charge for content, something that Journalism Online is also trying to enable. Another name in the mix that has cropped up again is Louis Borders, the founder of Borders Books, who failed miserably with his KeepMedia online article repository effort a few years ago (which has now morphed into MyWire)