Google Says About 1 Percent Of All Android Apps Are Removed From Market — Skype Isn't One


Credit: Google

Only 1 percent of all applications uploaded to Google’s Android Market have been removed, according to Google, which provided information to the FCC today regarding the banning of the Google Voice from the iPhone.

If roughly 6,000 Android Market applications have been uploaded so far, then that translates to about 60 apps being rejected. It is unknown how many apps Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has banned from the iPhone, however, clearly they’ve had way more submissions than Google (NSDQ: GOOG). Google said the most common reasons for removal is that the applications either contain adult content or violate copyright laws.

Separately, today Google also confirmed that it did not block Skype’s VoIP application — unlike an article in USA Today suggested. Andy Rubin, Google’s VP of mobile platforms, wrote on Google’s blog: “I wanted to briefly set the record straight about an inaccurate claim in Friday’s USA Today.” He said Google did not reject a VoIP app from Skype or any other company because at this point, no company “has implemented a complete VoIP application for Android.”

The process for the Android Market is considerably different from Apple’s. Google told the FCC today that “there is no pre-approval process conducted by Google or any third-party,” and it is up to the Android community “to flag applications that do not abide by our policies.” There is an automated process that tries to identify technical issues with the application. An app is rejected if the community flags it a number of times, and then staff determines that violates their policies.


Ray Anderson

Remember that counting apps is a bit misleading. Over 6,000 iApps are "books" including free books. On Android (and Nokia, RIM etc.) you can just deliver content direct to the device without needing an "App" so thousands of books, podcasts etc. that are otherwise blocked by Apple are available to Android and nokia users – without anybody blocking them.

The same applies to apps and MP3 files, videos and games that are NOT in the app store. Before you can download an MP3 file into your iPhone (over the mobile network) Apple has to approve it. Try this site (just one of many examples): – thousands of tracks available on all mobiles but iPhone


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