Vid-Biz: Real,, MLB

RealNetworks Launches new player; enables sharing and portability of downloaded web videos. (we’d written about the beta — Real says it’s been used to download more than 22 million videos in the last two months). (RealNetworks blog)

360,000 Streams for Mexico vs. U.S. World Cup Qualifier; soccer match streamed live to a record audience by and Telemundo on on Aug. 12. (emailed release)

MLB to Sell Single-Game Live Streams for $0.99; feature should be available by Sept. 1; Major League Baseball Advanced Media expects $450 million in revenue this year. (Bloomberg)

Rentrak to Measure Mobile TV for Qualcomm; Flo TV viewing data to be used to target advertising. (release)

Transformers 2 DVDs Will Have Holographs; augmented reality bonus features will be first such on the market for Paramount — though the studio’s online attempts at the same thing seemed pretty weak. (Video Business)

ubroadcast Relaunches Live Video Broadcast Tool
; publicly traded company known for its radio broadcast app now tackling video; working on Sport Specific Performance’s Celebrity Golf TV show. (release)

DivX and Yahoo Settle Toolbar Dispute; DivX had accused Yahoo of backing out of a two-year bundled and co-branded toolbar agreement. (release)


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