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Vid-Biz: Real,, MLB

RealNetworks Launches new player; enables sharing and portability of downloaded web videos. (we’d written about the beta — Real says it’s been used to download more than 22 million videos in the last two months). (RealNetworks blog)

360,000 Streams for Mexico vs. U.S. World Cup Qualifier; soccer match streamed live to a record audience by and Telemundo on on Aug. 12. (emailed release)

MLB to Sell Single-Game Live Streams for $0.99; feature should be available by Sept. 1; Major League Baseball Advanced Media expects $450 million in revenue this year. (Bloomberg)

Rentrak to Measure Mobile TV for Qualcomm; Flo TV viewing data to be used to target advertising. (release)

Transformers 2 DVDs Will Have Holographs; augmented reality bonus features will be first such on the market for Paramount — though the studio’s online attempts at the same thing seemed pretty weak. (Video Business)

ubroadcast Relaunches Live Video Broadcast Tool
; publicly traded company known for its radio broadcast app now tackling video; working on Sport Specific Performance’s Celebrity Golf TV show. (release)

DivX and Yahoo Settle Toolbar Dispute; DivX had accused Yahoo of backing out of a two-year bundled and co-branded toolbar agreement. (release)

3 Responses to “Vid-Biz: Real,, MLB”

  1. Kind of funny to see Real using Flash/YouTube to host their announcement. It’s like they don’t even want to eat their own dog food. Until they make it so that you can install their software without having to uncheck 20 boxes to prevent them from being your default media, I won’t allow them on my computer.