Nokia N97 Replacement Leaked — Ditches Symbian for Maemo?

Courtesy of Mobile-review

Courtesy of Mobile-review

Nokia seems to be a company suffering from multiple platform disorder. The phone maker has long produced phones based on the Symbian platform, with the exception of its Internet Tablets. Those tablets were graced with Maemo, a Linux optimized for the small screen.

Nokia seemed firmly in the Symbian camp for its phone line, until the recently unveiled alliance with Microsoft led some to believe a Windows Mobile phone was in Nokia’s future. The Finnish company quickly dispelled those rumors, however, and made clear it’s firmly behind the Symbian platform. Now a Nokia phone that is expected to be the successor to the N97 smartphone has appeared, and it’s running Maemo.

The Maemo interface that’s shown in the exhaustive preview of what is called the Nokia RX-51 looks clean and finger-friendly. It certainly appears to be a good match for the phone hardware that’s on display. I couldn’t help thinking how this phone would really shine with Android onboard, though.

(Mobile-review via engadget)


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