MAP: U.S. Green Car Battery Buildout


More than 100 companies have been jockeying in recent months for billions of dollars in federal grants and state incentive packages designed to help spur the growth of a U.S. battery manufacturing industry for plug-in vehicles. At this point, firms based in China, Japan, South Korea dominate the market for lithium-ion batteries. But as demand grows beyond mobile devices and laptops for advanced battery technologies (lithium-ion and others) to increasing numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles, there’s an opportunity for players in the U.S. to either enter the game or expand their role.

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With the Department of Energy opening a spigot of cash to support battery manufacturing projects over the next three years, we’re on the verge of a rapid buildout. We’ve put together this map to help keep track of who’s in the running — we’re at 35 battery projects and counting. Not all of these projects will necessarily get off the ground, and those that do hardly have commercial success guaranteed — we’ll keep updating the map as they evolve (let us know in the comments about other projects you’d like to see tracked). Think of it as an emerging batterywatch map to balance out our coal and biofuels deathwatch maps.


Optimistic Dude

Very interesting outlook. As a result of this demand for batteries, the market for lithium appears good. I understand Bolivia is sitting on half the world’s supply. They’d better get on the stick if they want to capitalize on their natural resource.


Impressive data set you’ve built up there, and very significant. I really thing its a much more effective use of funds to stimulate the economy rather than buy-american clauses or other rubbish. There is going to be huge demand for batteries as electrics and hybrids become more common, and not just in the US. This kind of early investment will allow US firms to maintain growth as emerging economies are rapidly catching up.

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