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Fast, Easy Screencasts With Screenr

SafariBy relying on Twitter, new screencast tool Screenr has created a really simple option for recording and distributing short videos. Recording a screencast is as easy as logging in to your Twitter account and pressing the record button. From there, you can easily post the link of your video. There are no downloads, uploads or even fees to slow down the process.

Screenr - RecordOnce you’ve started a recording, you can move and resize the active recording area like any other window. You can also choose an audio input source to record sound if you don’t want to use the microphone Screenr automatically detects on your computer. Once you’ve finished recording your screencast, Screenr will automatically queue up the video so that you can watch it and make sure that it’s satisfactory. You can also add up to 117 characters of written description to your video — 140 characters less those necessary to add a link to your video when your description is posted to Twitter. You do have the alternative of stopping the automatic tweet Screenr sends out, as well as the option of deleting a video before it becomes accessible to anyone who wants to look.

All of Screenr’s videos are public, allowing you to browse through those that other people have already posted. You can re-tweet or reply to a video as well as share it as a link or embed it on another site. Many of the videos currently up are simply examples of users test-driving the application, but there are quite a few quick tutorials posted, along with fast reviews of other services. You can get a feed of new videos as well as check out popular screencasts already up on the site.

Given Screenr’s integration with Twitter, it’s no surprise that the team behind the web application is quick to help anyone who tweets about a problem with it. I learned this through experience when I had a bit of trouble getting Screenr to work with my system. The issue turned out to be on my end, but Screenr’s staff was quick to respond. The site also offers a brief help page, as well as support through GetSatisfaction.

Screenr - PostScreenr seems to be an ideal fit if you just need to create a quick video and get it online — perhaps quickly showing a team member how to do something online or provide a little customer service that your Twitter followers can view immediately. But Screenr may not fit the bill if you’re looking for something a little more robust. Screenr limits videos to five minutes and there’s no way to edit your videos. I don’t think that the typical Screenr user will have a problem with that, but it will limit who winds up using Screenr on a regular basis. The logistics of depending on Twitter could also create some difficulties, given Twitter’s ongoing stability issues.

Overall, Screenr is a fast tool: its biggest benefit is that you can get a screencast recorded and distributed in less than 10 minutes. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all recording tool, but it doesn’t need to be.

What screencasting tool do you use?

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