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Cash for Algae Fuel Down Under: The Algal Fuel Consortium won an A$2.72-million ($2.26 million) research grant under a government program in Australia to develop microalgal mass cultivation systems to generate biomass from captured CO2 emissions, and use it as a feedstock for pilot-scale production of fuel and other product. — Green Car Congress

Net Metering Throwdown: “Net metering rules have turned out to be surprisingly controversial. Put simply: If homeowners are putting power onto the grid, they want to get paid — kilowatt for kilowatt — for that power. But utilities argue that these homeowners still rely on power from the grid some of the time and need to pay their fair share for upkeep of transmission lines.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Bye-Bye, Plug-in Buick: “Remember the plug-in hybrid Buick that General Motors announced two weeks ago? The one that was basically a re-badged Saturn Vue? GM just killed it.” — Wired’s Autopia

Orlando in Philly: Scientists at Princeton-based nonprofit Climate Central say that with climate change making American cities feel increasingly equatorial, Philadelphia become a bit more like Orlando as early as 2050. — NYT’s Economix

Tesla Model S Hits the Road: Tesla has released a new series of photos showing its Model S sedan driving at road speeds (previous photos have been studio shots). — AutoblogGreen