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Apple Issues Fixes for Nagging Bluetooth, Hard Drive Issues

disk utilityPeople with MacBook Pros who opted for the speedier 7200RPM HD customization option can hopefully rest easy today, since Apple (s aapl) yesterday released a software fix to resolve reported problems related to odd noises being made by the drives. It was accompanied by a second update to resolve ongoing Bluetooth quirks.

Back in July, users started posting on support forums and message boards about audible clicking and beeping noises being made by the faster, optional 7200RM drives. While the update seems intended to fix these issues, reading Apple’s official blurb, it would seem like resting easy might actually be a tad premature. Apple Support claims that it “reduces certain infrequent noises.” Just “reduces?” We’ll have to wait and see what effect the update actually has, but it doesn’t sound to me like it will provide a total fix.

bluetooth firmwareThe other update released yesterday affects a wider selection of Mac owners. It’s a Bluetooth firmware update designed to eliminate connectivity issues with Apple-branded peripherals (didn’t 10.5.8 address the same issues?), including the Mighty Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard. It also includes bug fixes — standard practice for any Apple update. Mac owners who have computers that include Bluetooth on a built-in Broadcom chipset will be prompted to install this update.

So far, I’ve installed the Bluetooth update on my Mac mini, and it does indeed appear to lessen the frequency of “Connection Lost” messages related to my Apple Wireless Keyboard. I don’t use a Mighty mouse for reasons of extreme dislike, but if you’ve got one, let us know how performance is affected by the new update, if at all. Both fixes are available now via Software Update.

5 Responses to “Apple Issues Fixes for Nagging Bluetooth, Hard Drive Issues”

  1. yikes, gotta be wary of software “fixes” for wonky hardware. they may have just ordered an “oops, we dropped this” box of harddrives.

    I also don’t buy this “the harddrive decides to go to sleep” bs. Gotta wonder what kinda harddrive they purchased that would be so arrogant and lazy as not to listen to their OS and go to sleep on the job.

    make sure to have AppleCare, caz Apple quality is quickly sliding

  2. I was having the very annoying connection problem with my Apple Wireless Keyboard since the last Leopard Security Update (the Wireless Mighty Mouse was OK). This new Bluetooth update seems to have fix it. No more Connection Lost messages indeed.

    • Adam Jackson

      Hey Jimmy. As a MacBook Pro (June ’09) owner, this click+beep was caused in the firmware. From what Apple told me, the drive would go into power saving mode without the OS commanding it to so what would happen is the drive would stop or slow down for a second and the OS would wake it back up immediately.

      The result was a click+beep. I went through two replacements with Apple and it wasn’t resolved. This firmware update did resolve the problem.

    • Patrick

      Yep it was an obvious glitch. Even if unchecked “power off drives when possible” they would still go to sleep. It would often go to sleep arbitrarily too – like sleep, wake, sleep, wake… During this process, your machine would often beachball and slow down.