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Saber Seven Raises $4 Million For 'Dream'-Based Search Engine

Saber Seven is betting that enough people will want to search for specific info around their dreams — whether it be running a marathon, backpacking through South America, or landing a new job — that they’ll be able to package the searchers in a way that attracts big brand advertisers.

The N.Y.-based startup has raised $4 million from a group of angel investors to launch, a dream and aspiration-based search engine.

Currently in private alpha, is a personalized search service that pulls in multimedia content around specific topics (or “dreams”); the engine will let people keep track of their searches and share their progress with other users.

It sounds a little fluffy — like something that would’ve been funded before the economy started forcing VCs to think twice about giving money to random ad-based startups — but’s CTO is co-founder Jim Anderson, and it recently brought in Will Burrington, former director of AOL’s public affairs unit as its EVP of public affairs. Saber Seven also previously raised funding from The Coyne Group’s Chris and Greg Coyne. Release.