Mobile Content Bits: Spotify Android, Orange Social Nets, Exploding iPhones

Spotify Android: The music streamer has told Android developer Bobcat Zed to stop writing his Droidify app. He explains it’s “due to the fact that this unofficial app violates Spotify’s agreements with the music labels”.

Orange social nets: The carriers is retooling its approach to social networking, launching a new-look Social Life area of its Orange World mobile portal, giving quicker access to Facebook, Bebo et al. Via NMA.

Exploding iPhones: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is seeking more info on reports some iPhones have exploded on users. The European Commission says Apple believes the incidents to be isolated. Via Reuters.

Radio stations, many of which have seen their radio ad sales crash but are ill-equipped for online sales, badly need some internet marketing juice. UBC CEO Simon Cole, in the release: “We see the area of content related marketing activity as key to the future. The new media models evolving, both in traditional media and on the internet, involve a much closer relationship between advertisers and content.”

UBC off-loaded its commercial travel news wing to Global Traffic Networks six months ago, but last month reclaimed its marketing services business IntaMedia. Though IntaMedia provides similar services to Radio Lynx, UBC won’t combine the two but says the pair will enjoy “synergies”